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Walk for a Cure Kensington Gardens

We're taking part in Walk For A Cure

We're taking part in Walk For A Cure because throughout my adult life I have known and still know many people who are living with dementia and I have witnessed first hand the effects it has on families and loved ones. 

All donations will help towards scientists and researchers find new ways to diagnose, develop new treatments and hopefully eventually find a cure for dementia.

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Saturday 20th Apr
4 years ago I began working in social care, at the time I wasn’t aware of all the different changes, conditions and challenges that people face as they age and the effects that it has on families, loved ones and everyone involved in that individuals life. I have seen people sustain a comfortable life with the right care and support but equally I have seen people deteriorate too which has touched my heart enormously. We all take many things in our lives for granted and health is predominantly the main one. This condition could and probably will in the future effect many of us or people we know so I feel it’s so important to raise as much awareness as possible and, for me personally, do whatever I can, big or small, while I’m still able to. The things we all do now will hopefully benefit generations to come which, again for me, include my own 4 children and their future children too so this is something very important to me. 

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