Your fundraising

When you sign up to Walk For A Cure and fundraise, the money you raise brings us one step closer to finding a cure for dementia. Your fundraising goal for your walk is £100, but we welcome you to set yourself your own higher target!

Here are some top tips for setting up your fundraising page:

Update your page with a picture and add a story to show why you're walking. People are more likely to donate if they know why you're fundraising.

Self-donate to your page to get the ball rolling. People who donate to their own page first are more likely to hit their fundraising goal.

Share your page on social media, and use Facebook to thank your friends when they donate. This will help to remind those who haven't donated yet!

Share your fundraising page with your employer and ask them to donate. Some employers will even offer to match fund your donations.

Ready to get started?

Sign-up to set up your fundraising page and start to see those donations rolling in!

If you have any questions on fundraising, please get in touch with our events team on